Hose Reel Cart

Dhs. 350 Dhs. 390

This Hose Reel Cart is designed to make watering easy and is a great tool for your garden and lawn. It is made of premium-quality material, which ensures strength and durability. It has a gray color, which is visually appealing. It has a powder-coated finish, which ensures it withstands the elements. This reel cart provides compact storage for 350 feet of hose. This hose reel cart features 10-inch pneumatic tires, which provide a sturdy support base for the cart and makes it easy to maneuver. This Hose Reel Cart is the perfect mixture of form and function

  • Powder coated, rust resistant steel tube frame
  • Stores and easily transports a garden hose
  • 10" Solid all terrain weatherproof foam-filled wheels that are airless, flat free

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