Bamboo Pole Natural 3"-4" dia Heavy Thick Large Long Bamboo Stake for support decor Privacy fence.

Dhs. 25
  • Bamboo dia: 3 to 4 inch. The diameter of each bamboo pole varies. Our stated dimensions are always measured at the base (ie the thickest side of the bamboo pole). If you want precise measurements that must be exact to the millimetre, we advise you to come and select the posts yourself in our warehouse.
  • Bamboo poles are a great building material because they are very strong and very eco-friendly.
  • You can make custom fences, doors, furniture, tiki bars, lighting and tropical handicrafts with these versatile bamboo poles.
  • Bamboo has natural shades of beige's, tans, and yellows that help to create a calming environment in your living space.
  • Display bamboo with outdoor furniture and tropical décor to achieve an authentic island styled backyard.
  • Bamboo is a natural product, which is why bamboo poles are never 100% straight.
  • Each bamboo pole is unique, so color differences are possible.
  • Vertical cracks can / will occur in bamboo poles, this is especially the case for outdoor use. Just like wood, bamboo will expand or contract when changes in temperature or humidity occur. However, cracks have no effect on the structural integrity of the bamboo.

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