choose the right type of fence for your home!!

If you're looking to construct a wooden fence in your backyard for privacy but aren't quite sure what design is best for your space, you'll want to keep reading.  

Whether you're in the mood for a farmhouse-inspired design or crave a look that's more modern, the following backyards, front yards, and beautiful exteriors are sure to inspire you.

Take a Cue from Ancient Times












This backyard features both a picket fence as well as a more rustic-looking fence made from tree branches, known as a wattle fence. Fun fact: this type of fence dates back to the Middle Ages, believe it or not.

Add an Arbor If You Wish


 This fence features a gated arbor that adds some architectural intrigue and decorative flair to the yard. Note that arbors can come in many different shapes: some are also rounded or triangular. 

Think Tall

If privacy is top of mind, you can also opt for a fence that goes much higher up and prevents any view of neighboring yards. This simple wooden fence is a timeless solution.

Pick a Versatile Style


This traditional tall wooden fence complements a wide range of home types. Whether your house is made from wood, vinyl, brick, or another material entirely, you can't go wrong with this pick.